Taking care of yourself includes looking at your physical and mental health. U-M has many health and well-being services to address your needs and help you stay well.

COVID-19 Care

If you have symptoms or think you were exposed…

COVID-19 symptoms vary widely. If you start to feel sick, stay home and call:

  • Students: Contact University Health Service at 734-764-8320 to schedule a test.
  • Employees: Those with symptoms of COVID-19 can access testing through their MyUofMHealth patient portal. Instructions on how to access the testing through the patient portal are available here. Workforce members who are unable to access the portal may call Occupational Health Services to report symptoms and arrange for testing if appropriate. OHS can be reached by phone at (734) 764-8021 7am-5pm.


Students and employees can access COVID-19 treatments such as Paxlovid, Evushield, etc., the following ways:

  • On campus at the University Health Service (patients only).
  • Michigan Medicine Virtual Urgent Care.
  • Through primary care providers.
  • Through the Washtenaw County Health Department.

Continued Support & Check-Ins

While in quarantine/isolation, various individuals from the university will be in regular phone or email contact with the student to provide ongoing support for student life concerns (e.g. academic, financial, facilities and housing, mental health and well-being), clinical information and check-in and public health information as necessary. View example timelines of the quarantine communication and isolation communication outreach and support provided for students.

Case Management & Follow-up

When you are diagnosed with COVID-19, a case investigator from Environmental Health & Safety will contact you and provide education about isolation, criteria to complete isolation and resources to successfully complete isolation. U-M case investigators will contact all UM-associated individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 either through self-report or who were tested at University Health Service or Occupational Health Services.

Post-COVID Care

Recovering from COVID-19 can have persistent physical, emotional, financial and academic impacts. Please consult with UHS, CAPS or the Dean of Students Office for support and assistance, including connections with other available resources, if you are struggling in any way due to COVID. More information can be found here.

Michigan Medicine has created two new COVID-19 Long Haul Clinics, one for adults and one for children.

The Multidisciplinary Post COVID-19 Clinic, or COVID-19 Long Haul Clinic, provides post-discharge care to adult patients experiencing long-term post COVID symptoms and complications.

Mental Health & Well-being Resources

Focusing on our mental health and well-being is more important than ever. Many of the resources below have been created or expanded to meet the increased needs of our community: