COVID-19 Vaccination Metrics Guidance

The goal of this guidance is to establish targets for vaccination upon which mitigation strategies may be reconsidered. It is important that changes to mitigation still remain within best practices for institutions of higher education and for other educational settings recommended by state health authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC has put into place recommendations for institutions of higher education based on whether or not the campus population is fully vaccinated. In the absence of a vaccination mandate, we will adhere to the recommendations for institutions where not everyone is fully vaccinated. The guidance relies on two sources of information, vaccination coverage and community-level COVID-19 transmission rates.


Campus Response Metrics and Mitigation Strategies

The Campus Health Response Committee (CHRC) is responsible for continuously monitoring real-time data on virus testing and new infections, as well as our capacity to perform contact tracing and provide needed isolation and quarantine support to those who are infected with COVID-19. They have recommended and university leadership has endorsed the identification of a set of situations (Response Metrics) that would prompt consideration of more intensive local or campuswide policies to slow the transmission of COVID-19 (Mitigation Tools and Enhanced Mitigation Strategies). It is important that response actions are targeted toward the reasons for COVID-19 increases. For this reason, these Response Metrics, once met, will prompt a broader review by public health and medical experts convened by the Dean of the School of Public Health who will further review the data along with the CHRC and evaluate the options for use of any of the Mitigation Tools and Enhanced Mitigation Strategies. In the event a review is initiated, the university president will be informed and will consult with academic and executive leadership about next steps in U-M’s response based on the recommendations of the public health and medical experts.

Read the full set of Campus Response Metrics here.