Dear students,

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with LSA’s student government as part of their new podcast, LSA on Display. Talking with hosts Mithun and JJ, I was reminded of the incredible vibrancy, optimism, and resilience of our student body.

As college students in 2023, you have all experienced some pretty tumultuous times over the past few years. Yet your collective energy and excitement for the future continues to persevere. Whether you are preparing to graduate or you have several semesters to go, you are part of what makes this institution such a remarkable place.

A few things to keep in mind as you prepare for the summer:

  • You have easy access to virtual mental health counseling through a partnership with Uwill, CAPS, and UHS. Your access continues even after the semester ends (if you are enrolled for the fall 2023 semester) and your six free sessions renew on July 1. If you spend the summer outside of Michigan, Uwill may offer licensed counselors where you are.
  • If you are traveling internationally, don’t forget to register your trip and consider your travel health insurance options. Insurance is available for personal trips as well as university-sponsored travel.
  • COVID-19 cases have remained steady throughout the semester. If you haven’t already received the bivalent omicron booster, both UHS and local pharmacies have immunization appointments available and vaccines are covered by many insurance plans until at least May 11. Vaccines continue to be essential to combating both caseloads and case severity.
  • CSTP sites at Ross and Pierpont Commons have free antigen tests and masks. Stop by to pick some up before sites close on May 12.
  • Antigen tests are also available, often at no cost, at these sources:

As we look ahead to finals and commencement, I hope you have a fantastic, refreshing, and inspiring summer. To our graduates, I would like to offer my congratulations and my very best wishes for the future. To returning students, I look forward to seeing you in August. And to all, Go Blue!

Stay healthy, Wolverines,

Robert D. Ernst, M.D.
Chief Health Officer
Associate Vice President of Student Life
Executive Director of University Health Service

End-of-Semester Events
Lots to do these next few weeks. Here are some highlights focused on de-stressing and celebrating the end of the semester.

Medicaid Eligibility Renewal
Beginning in June 2023 Michigan Medicaid members will be required to renew their coverage. If you currently use Medicaid, please take the necessary steps to renew your coverage. Contact the UHS managed care office at with any questions.

Travel Abroad Health Insurance
Inexpensive travel abroad insurance is available to current U-M students, faculty and staff traveling abroad for personal leisure trips and is mandatory for students who travel abroad for U-M-related purposes. Sign yourself up for peace of mind.