Case activity

Campus COVID-19 cases experienced a slight increase last week from the previous week. Case counts in Washtenaw county appear to have plateaued and wastewater sampling from Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti treatment centers and from sites near campus also show steady low-level counts. No Campus response metrics are currently being met.

BA.2 variant

The Campus Health Response Committee continues to monitor the spread of the BA.2 subvariant of omicron – currently representing 30.6% of cases in the midwest region. This new subvariant does appear to have increased transmissibility, but current data does not suggest an increased risk of serious illness.  It’s not clear whether there is a higher level of vaccine evasiveness associated with this subvariant, and the risk of reinfection is also unclear.

Self-monitor guidance

Updated guidance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services states individuals – regardless of vaccination status – no longer need to quarantine following a close contact exposure but should self-monitor for symptoms for 10 days. Those who experience exposure from contact in their living environment are recommended to wear a mask when around others for 10 days. Employees in the healthcare setting must continue to follow quarantine guidance per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Resources for students living on-campus and off-campus have been updated. More information is available in this FAQ.

Future Updates

There will no COVID-19 update or a dashboard narrative posted next week. Updates will resume after April 7.