Campus COVID cases trending down

COVID-19 activity on campus and the surrounding community is now showing signs of sustained improvement. Preliminary data on the U-M COVID-19 dashboard indicates cases are continuing to decrease compared to the previous weeks and a review of daily reports supports this continued downward trend for both students and employees.

Boosters required – ‘We need to hear from everyone’

Units will begin enforcing compliance with the university’s booster requirement following the Feb. 4 deadline for the U-M community to report booster information. Those who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 booster will have 30 days once eligible to get the shot and report their information to the university. Limited booster exemptions and postponements are being granted for certain circumstances. For those who have submitted information already, please allow up to 15 business days for your submission to be reviewed; do not resubmit information.

“It’s important that everyone in our community report their booster information or request a temporary postponement or exemption to comply with the university’s vaccination requirement. A highly vaccinated community is crucial to the success of all of our activities. Please help us by reporting your information. We need to hear from everyone,” said Robert Ernst, associate vice president of student life for health and wellness and director of the COVID-19 Campus Health Response Committee.

Vaccination and booster compliance decision tree

A new resource is available to help you determine whether you are in compliance with the U-M vaccination policy, including the booster requirement. Use the different decision tree diagrams based on whether you are a student or an employee.

Top questions this week

When should I be vaccinated after a COVID-19 infection?

If you have a known COVID-19 infection, you should defer your booster at least until you have recovered if symptoms were present (typically within 7 to 10 days) and have met the criteria to end your isolation.

If I’m not yet booster eligible, do I need to take any action with the university?

No. You do not need to take any action with the university at this time. Do not complete the booster postponement form (this form is intended for those who do not have access to a booster at this time). Once eligible, you will have 30 days to get the shot and additional 7 days to report your information to the university. Make an appointment to receive your booster shot as soon as you are eligible and submit your information via the report booster information form.

What if I missed the Feb. deadline to report booster information?

Submit your booster information as soon as possible to avoid followup compliance measures.