COVID-19 activity

COVID-19 cases associated with the campus are continuing to decrease compared to the previous weeks, based on preliminary data on the U-M COVID-19 dashboard, and daily reports support this continued downward trend.

Last week, U-M students accounted for 10 percent of COVID-19 cases in Washtenaw County as a result of cases also decreasing at the county level. U-M Quarantine and Isolation Housing is at 31.9 percent occupancy. Campus response metrics currently being met are a percent positivity above 3 percent in CSTP participants and a high level of transmission of COVID-19 in Washtenaw County.

Get boosted

The university continues to partner with pharmacies to provide booster opportunities in addition to opportunities available through University Health Service and Michigan Medicine.

Feb. 4 booster reporting deadline

More than 38,000 U-M community members have been verified as receiving their COVID-19 booster, and the vaccine verification team is working to review an additional 14,000 submissions. Please allow up to 15 business days for a response to your submission. During this time, you may receive reminder messages to submit information but please do not resubmit. Those who are not yet eligible for the COVID-19 booster will have 30 days once eligible to get the shot and an additional 7 days to report their information to the university.

Dashboard updates

The U-M COVID-19 vaccination dashboard will be updated to reflect the new categories of "up to date on vaccinations" and "out of scope." "Up to date on vaccinations" includes individuals who received their booster, who are within 30 days from their eligibility date and who are not yet eligible for the booster. "Out of Scope" includes individuals who did not report their vaccine information because they are not required to do so under the U-M vaccination policy.

COVID-19 time-off bank

Up to 80 hours of paid time off for COVID-19 remains available to eligible employees who did not use their one-time banks when the university introduced the benefit in March 2020. You can learn more about time off options for various scenarios related to COVID-19, including eligibility criteria, on the U-M Human Resources website.

Change in case investigation

Due to the high transmissibility of the coronavirus’ Omicron variant, the role of U-M’s case investigation and contact tracing teams is changing. In addition to more limited tracing in key areas, the teams are providing guidance to those testing positive to isolate, and encouraging them to inform their close contacts of exposures and to quarantine and get tested accordingly. Updated guidance on quarantine and isolation is available on the Campus Maize & Blueprint website.

More information is available in the University Record.