Travel during a global pandemic will require careful preparation and flexibility to adjust plans as conditions change.

Travellers should review the Considerations for Planning International Travel during COVID-19 document and the Travel Planning section on Global Michigan. Some key considerations include:


  • Check your travel destination(s) on U-M Travel Designation and determine your eligibility to travel. Note that undergraduate students on U-M related travel may not travel to a U-M COVID-19 high risk country or a U-M travel restriction country.
  • Review your travel destination’s entry requirements to determine if you are permitted to enter, what steps are required to enter (e.g. negative COVID-19 test result, proof of vaccination, mandatory quarantine, etc.) and the associated costs for each requirement.
  • Review entry requirements for returning to the U.S. and U-M campus. Assess your comfort level and flexibility with changes in entry requirements, border closures, flight cancellations and quarantining.

In-Country Experience

  • Determine if you can meet the in-country public health requirements. For example, many countries now require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, museums, public venues, etc.
  • Research the health and medical facilities and their conditions in your travel destination(s).
  • Assess your tolerance of the possibility of limited personal connections due to social distancing guidelines, switch to remote learning/work, reduced building capacities, limits on social gatherings and so forth.

Contingency Planning

  • Develop financial contingency plans in the event of unanticipated travel disruptions.
  • Prepare for the possibility of staying abroad longer than expected and have plans for housing, food/water, funding and support networks. Travelers are responsible for any costs associated with remaining abroad longer than expected. The most likely reason for staying abroad longer than expected is if a traveler tests positive for COVID-19 before boarding their flight.
  • Reflect upon your goals for your travel experience and determine if traveling makes sense at this time or if it can be delayed.