General COVID-19 public health community notifications discontinued

Effective Sept. 14, 2021, the university has discontinued broad COVID-19 case notifications for classroom and building spaces. The decision was based on both recent changes to state requirements and extensive community feedback that the general notices were confusing and of limited benefit.

All COVID-19 case data remains publicly available on the university’s dashboard, and the university will continue to reach out directly to those identified as close contacts through case investigation, and provide information on next steps. Simply attending the same class or being in the same building as someone with COVID-19 does not qualify as a close contact requiring quarantine or testing when all individuals are wearing a face covering and the vast majority are vaccinated.

Classrooms have not been associated with COVID-19 transmission due to the masking requirement, high vaccination rates in the U-M community and ventilation standards.

COVID-19 continues to circulate in the community and risk is present when interacting with others or being out in the community. U-M community members are reminded to continue to follow recommended health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Testing is available for anyone who is concerned about potential exposures through the U-M Community Sampling and Tracking Program or University Health Service for symptomatic students or Occupational Health Service for symptomatic employees.

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