The U-M COVID-19 dashboard presents data from several sources. We may update the dates of individual cases as new information becomes available. Because this information may change as we learn more and as people report additional results to us, the most recent two weeks of data is expected to change frequently.

Data Sources:

UHS: The University Health Service reports information on testing performed when evaluating symptomatic patients or close-contact exposures. This includes data from large testing events in residence halls or in response to potential clusters. UHS data is reported daily, with a lag of one day to allow time for confirmation of results and for initiation of case investigation activities. Cases are listed by date of symptom onset, or date of test if the individual is asymptomatic. When the date of onset is not known for symptomatic cases, we will use the date of the test.

OHS: Occupational Health Services data includes test results that U-M employees may report from their regular healthcare providers, and this data may include employees working remotely and not on campus. At this time, we do not report data from Michigan Medicine employees. This data is reported daily, however there is sometimes a delay between the test result and when the test is reported by the employee to OHS. Testing of employees conducted off campus at Michigan Medicine or other healthcare providers is included in this information.

WCHD: Additional cases among U-M individuals who are tested at locations outside of UHS are reported to us by the Washtenaw County Health Department through the Michigan Disease Surveillance System beginning the week of August 9. These reports occur after case investigation has begun. These dashboard postings may be delayed or uneven due to the reporting patterns of laboratories that are outside of our campus. However, WCHD and U-M case investigators are notified immediately for follow-up, separately from the dashboard, whenever these cases occur.

Athletics: The results of tests performed through U-M athletics programs are provided to the dashboard in aggregate and included in case and testing data.

CSTP Surveillance: The COVID-19 Community Sampling and Tracking Program conducts surveillance among students, staff, and faculty who are asymptomatic with no known close contact exposure. More detail on this program can be found here.

Pre-Arrival Testing: Students in U-M Housing and other congregate living environments complete testing prior to returning to campus each semester. The results of pre-arrival testing for the Winter 2021 semester are reported on the Campus COVID-19 Testing page. Prior to the Fall 2020 semester, 6,038 students were tested and 22 (0.36%) were positive for COVID-19.

Other Details on Data Reporting:

Percent Positivity and Test Numbers are reported for the date of the test collection. Percent positivity refers to the percent of tests with a positive result, among people who have been tested. We may update test numbers and results for past days and weeks as new information becomes available. Percent positivity calculations do not include additional cases identified by the Washtenaw County Health Department.

Tests performed as part of the pre-arrival and baseline testing efforts are listed separately in a labeled box at the bottom of the page. This data is not included in the above testing numbers, but may be in the case numbers if a positive test was in a student currently on campus. Students with positive results during pre-arrival testing were asked to delay their return to campus following CDC and public health guidelines.

Data Timing: Case, positivity and testing data are posted as “week of” data so as to not individually report exact symptom onset dates of individual students, faculty and staff when numbers are low. Even though the data are displayed by “week of,” this data is refreshed daily with the latest available information around noon each day.

Regional information is the same as is displayed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, U-M School of Information and U-M School of Public Health at This data is available from Michigan Disease Surveillance System.

Identified positive cases are contacted by a case investigator through the Washtenaw County Health Department and are assisted with isolation needs. Exposure notifications and contact tracing also are coordinated by local public health officials. If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, but you have not been contacted by public health, please contact UHS (students) or OHS (faculty and staff) for an online assessment.

The state of Michigan defines “recovered cases” as those cases that were infected 30 days or longer ago. We do not display these data. The “Past 14 days” numbers can be used to estimate the current number of individuals with recently positive tests.